5 Reasons to Visit Seattle When it’s Raining

5 Reasons to Visit Seattle When it’s Raining

You may have heard it’s best to visit Seattle in July or August–and it’s true the summer is spectacular, but don’t be scared away by the rain!

Now that summer is officially over rain is back in the Seattle weather forecast. July and August are the most popular times to visit the city, but rainy Seattle has a lot of charm. Come see what #RainCity is all about.

Here are a few reasons I love Seattle in the rain:

1. Rain is the real deal

Experiencing the rainy, gray days gives you a true taste of the city. If you want to see the “real Seattle” come when it is rainy and find out what those shades of gray are really like. The rain is usually a mist or light drizzle (the kind that makes my hair frizzy), not a drenching downpour, which means it isn’t too hard to explore.

2. Coffee

Coffee shop vibes and hot drinks were made for cold, rainy days, right? That’s why it all started here. Come see for yourself…you won’t have trouble finding a great coffee shop.

One of my favorites is La Marzocco Cafe and Showroom at KEXP (472 1st Ave N), and if you are playing tourist it happens to be right near the Space Needle.

3. Tourist attractions are less crowded

Popular spots like Alki Beach have a completely different feel in the rain. I avoid Alki in the summer when it’s jammed, but I’ll go in a heartbeat on a chilly, rainy day. You’ll practically have it to yourself. Ferry rides, city parks and the corridors of Pike Place Market are way more dramatic and moody on rainy days. Bring good rain boots and a warm jacket with a hood and you’re all set to explore.

4. It’s not that cold

Visiting Seattle in the winter months is not like exploring New York or Boston in the heart of winter. Seattle temps generally don’t dip below the 40s, (with some notable exceptions, of course). Dress in layers, and again, bring sturdy rain boots and a warm jacket with a hood, and you shouldn’t have a problem walking around on a rainy day.

5. Seattle can work with the rain

Since it rains so much in Seattle, we’ve perfected cozy indoor spaces and learned how to work around the rain. Want to eat on a rooftop restaurant in the drizzle? Grab a blanket and a seat under the awning (MBar is a great spot for this.) Looking for a place to sit around and enjoy a good book? The downtown public library has a bright interior with lots of nooks and crannies perfect for reading.

There is plenty to do around Seattle, even when it’s raining!

For those who live in Seattle or have visited, do you like it better in the rain or when it’s sunny?

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Visit Seattle When it’s Raining

  1. Gabby says:

    I love going to Pike Place when the weather is terrible as I actually get a chance to shop! My neighborhood doesn’t have it’s own farmer’s market, but I’m a short bus ride away from downtown.

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