Block by Block: 1st Ave Between Wall & Battery Streets


BLOCK BY BLOCK: 1st Ave Between Wall and Battery Streets, Belltown, Seattle, Late Afternoon on a Wednesday

Block by Block is a photo essay series meant to capture moments and moods in Seattle one city block at a time. I choose blocks at random while I’ll walking my dog or on my way somewhere–I want to capture normal, everyday things I see around the city and not go out of my way for anything special or touristy. 

There are raindrops on my camera lens. Leaves are falling and it feels just like September should feel. I’m walking to get a cup of coffee. I see several umbrellas, so you know it’s raining pretty hard by Seattle standards. I’ve got my raincoat on and my hood up. If I had an umbrella I’d be fumbling around with my camera and probably decide it’s too much trouble to take photos, so there are raindrops on my camera lens.







There is a parking lot on this block full of amazing, colorful graffiti/murals. I also love that Macrina Bakery and Ace Hotel are on this block. Macrina is where I’m walking to get my coffee. I order a tall breve, my favorite coffee drink if I’m going for something other than drip.






When Ben and I visited Seattle a few years before we had any inkling we’d be calling this city home, we stayed at the Ace Hotel. (These were days before Airbnb.) Pulling our rental car up to this block was our very first introduction to Seattle. I think this little slice of Belltown captures the mood of the city really well, especially on a rainy day.


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