BLOCK BY BLOCK: The Alaska Junction, West Seattle

BLOCK BY BLOCK: The Alaska Junction, West Seattle

Block by Block is a photo essay series meant to capture moments and moods in Seattle one city block at a time. I choose blocks at random while I’ll walking my dog or on my way somewhere–I want to capture normal, everyday things I see around the city and not go out of my way for anything special or touristy. 

I’m partial to this little corner of Seattle – the Alaska Junction – because it’s my neighborhood. “The Junction” is the intersection of SW Alaska St. and California Ave SW. Today is a brisk December day and I decided to snap some photos while walking to the grocery store…I couldn’t resist the urge to capture the Junction while it is decorated for Christmas because it looks so festive.

^I love all the window displays this time of year, like this one at the toy shop.^

One thing I especially love about West Seattle is how much it feels like a small town within a big city. The Junction has all kinds of little shops and restaurants and great spots to get coffee (like the one I’m hanging out in now as I write this post).

I think the real magic and personality of cities is found in all the different neighborhoods, which is part of what makes it so fun to explore all the corners of Seattle that are not right downtown or in other main touristy areas. What’s your favorite corner of Seattle?

4 thoughts on “BLOCK BY BLOCK: The Alaska Junction, West Seattle

  1. Polly says:

    I grew up not too far away from here so of course I love this post! Husky Deli is one of my favorite places to go in that area. Unfortunately I haven’t been in that area in a long time since I moved but I feel like West Seattle is always developing and there’s always something new!

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