Block by Block: 1st Ave. between Broad and Clay, Belltown, Seattle


1st Ave. between Broad and Clay, 12:30-12:40 PM

Block by Block is a new series meant to capture moments and moods in Seattle one city block at a time. I plan to choose blocks at random, probably while I’ll walking my dog or on my way somewhere–I want to capture normal, everyday scenes and not go out of my way for anything special or touristy.

I’ll be hanging out on one block for about 10 minutes and sharing snapshots and short lists of things that catch my eye. (My dog Kai contributed one item to the list below. Can you guess which one?)

8 things I saw on this block:

  1. Two tourists on city bikes
  2. Windows open at the Labor Temple
  3. Two locked bikes
  4. A delivery truck
  5. A UPS truck
  6. A teenager with bright pink hair
  7. Four crows
  8. A parking enforcement cop










5 thoughts on “Block by Block: 1st Ave. between Broad and Clay, Belltown, Seattle

  1. William Apelian says:

    This block by block series is a great idea! What a wonderful way to highlight the cities hidden treasures as well as it’s famous ones.

  2. Kate says:

    What a neat idea! Looking forward to following along! Not sure what your dog contributed–was it the UPS Truck (my dog growing up was obsessed with the UPS truck!)? Crows?

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