Camping at Cutthroat Lake


Cutthroat Lake in the North Cascades

Labor Day Weekend Camping Trip

Just as it started raining we arrived at the lake. What a great start to a camping trip! Ben and I hurried to get our tent set up at the first campsite we saw. Everything was soggy by the time we pulled it into the tent and our little dog Kai was shivering. (Good thing I had an extra blanket for him in my pack.) The softness of the rain and the hush of the woods were a little lost on us as we tried to figure out what we should do if it kept raining and we couldn’t cook our food, etc.

We decided to wait it out, and about an hour later the rain stopped. Hooray! The weather was perfect the rest of the weekend.



Though our campsite had a fire pit the wood was too soggy to make a fire, but we managed to make our dinner and hot cocoa with our tiny camp stove. The campsite that we picked out in a hurry in the rain was right next to a creek and, as Ben said, “this is the kind of sound people record to fall asleep to.”









In the back of my mind I am always prepared to be miserable when I’m spending a night (or two) in the woods and then it’s a nice surprise when it turns out to be fun. Maybe that’s why I like camping so much 🙂

Cutthroat Lake is off the North Cascades Highway in the national forest. We like to look for national forest areas when we have our dog Kai with us because most of the National Parks are off-limits to dogs. I’m glad we found this campsite…it’s a great spot! You can read more about it here.


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