A Weekend in Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, BC

Victoria is best reached by boat. The Black Ball Ferry that leaves from Port Angeles, Washington is the Victoria Clipper are two of the most popular ways to get there from the Seattle area. (Check out a myriad of options here.) This was the second time Ben and I have been to Victoria, and we took the Clipper again this time. It’s about a three-and-a-half hour trip, the boat leaves from the waterfront near Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.  Continue reading

Vancouver (on a Budget)

Ben and I decided to drive to Vancouver, British Columbia on Friday, mostly because we still get excited about packing our passports and driving to another country for a quick getaway 🙂 The drive to Vancouver takes about thee hours from Seattle and can fluctuate based on traffic and border wait time.

Vancouver is an expensive city so a quick weekend there can put a dent in your checking account (or earn some skymiles on your credit card, as I like to look at it). To save money we booked an Airbnb in a suburb just outside the city but near good public transportation instead of a downtown hotel, and we did some research before we left and found a few fantastic cheap(ish) eats. Continue reading