Zion National Park

Zion National Park, Utah

I’m a big believer in the planning/expectation part of a trip being part of the fun, but I was really busy leading up to our Grand Canyon and Zion trip and didn’t have time to do much research.  I think I had photos from some of Utah’s other national parks in my head when I pictured Zion, so I expected it to be more of a desert and was surprised to find a river running through it and some fairly lush greenery.
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A Long Weekend in LA


Exploring Los Angeles for the First Time

It may be hard for my West Coast friends to believe, but until this fall I had never been to Los Angeles. (Except through the airport, which we all know doesn’t count.) Earlier this year at a baseball game in Seattle Ben and I got vouchers from Alaska Airlines for 50% off plane tickets. The destination options and travel times were limited, but we aren’t ones to pass up a good deal on plane tickets so we booked a long weekend in LA.  Continue reading

Block by Block: 1st Ave Between Wall & Battery Streets


BLOCK BY BLOCK: 1st Ave Between Wall and Battery Streets, Belltown, Seattle, Late Afternoon on a Wednesday

Block by Block is a photo essay series meant to capture moments and moods in Seattle one city block at a time. I choose blocks at random while I’ll walking my dog or on my way somewhere–I want to capture normal, everyday things I see around the city and not go out of my way for anything special or touristy. 

There are raindrops on my camera lens. Leaves are falling and it feels just like September should feel. I’m walking to get a cup of coffee. I see several umbrellas, so you know it’s raining pretty hard by Seattle standards. I’ve got my raincoat on and my hood up. If I had an umbrella I’d be fumbling around with my camera and probably decide it’s too much trouble to take photos, so there are raindrops on my camera lens. Continue reading

Layover in Seoul

Layover In Seoul | Road Trips and Skymiles Blog

Layover at the Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea

The Transit Tour: Escaping the Airport with Ease

Layovers usually feel like wasted time. On the way home from Vietnam Ben and I had a 16 hour layover in Seoul. Neither of us have been to South Korea before so we planned on using the time for a quick trip into Seoul, though we were a little nervous about figuring out where to go and getting back to the airport with a really limited amount of time. After lots of google searching I found out that the airport has free transit tours to help you make the most of a layover, so we didn’t have to worry about getting around by ourselves–brilliant! Continue reading