Connecting with the Water: A Seattle Ferry Ride


Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry

The city of Seattle is surrounded by water and filled with vibrant, green city parks. It’s not a place you feel penned in by cement and steel, but sometimes I still need to breathe a little more fresh air and let time slow down, so I like to hop on a ferry.

The views of the city skyline from the ferry are some of the best. On a sunny day the whole city sparkles. On a drizzly day the city is moody and gray and the water is gray-blue and choppy–it feels like stepping into a mystery novel.



IMG_8561 (2)



IMG_8567 (2)

Ferries leave from Pier 52 in downtown Seattle on a regular schedule. My ferry of choice is from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. An adult walk-on roundtrip passenger ticket is $8.20, and you can ride the ferry to Bainbridge, get off, and get right back in line to return to Seattle. The ride to Bainbridge is about 35 minutes each way.

For those who commute to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton using a ferry from downtown Seattle it’s likely not a “let time slow down” experience, but for an easy time out from real life or anyone visiting the city who wants to experience a little more of the water and beauty surrounding Seattle, nothing beats walking onto a ferry boat and letting the wind whip up your hair as you watch the city getting smaller in the distance.


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