Vancouver (on a Budget)

Ben and I decided to drive to Vancouver, British Columbia on Friday, mostly because we still get excited about packing our passports and driving to another country for a quick getaway 🙂 The drive to Vancouver takes about thee hours from Seattle and can fluctuate based on traffic and border wait time.

Vancouver is an expensive city so a quick weekend there can put a dent in your checking account (or earn some skymiles on your credit card, as I like to look at it). To save money we booked an Airbnb in a suburb just outside the city but near good public transportation instead of a downtown hotel, and we did some research before we left and found a few fantastic cheap(ish) eats. Continue reading

Biking in Stanley Park

It’s (sadly) been a couple years since Ben and I rode bikes, so we were extra excited to have nice weather in Vancouver and rent bikes for a Saturday morning ride along the seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver’s famous and beautiful urban park. I found our bike shop, English Bay Bike Rentals, thanks to Yelp and Google. We ended up paying exactly $20 for two bikes for a little over an hour, which I thought was reasonable. Continue reading

Beautiful Vancouver

Last week was my very first time in Canada. Ben and I crossed the border in northern Washington State and headed into Vancouver, which we found to be clean, green, and beautiful. There were gardens and flowers and parks, glass-windowed high rises, pristine streets, and a wonderfully eclectic mix of cultures.