The Snow Train to Leavenworth, WA


Ben and I took the “snow train” to Leavenworth, WA earlier this month. Leavenworth is a little town in the mountains modeled after a Bavarian village. The “snow train” is a special Amtrak train that only operates during the holidays. We boarded in downtown Seattle at the King Street Station. The train ride to Leavenworth took about four hours. Musicians came through the train cars playing holiday music about every 15 minutes. Santa also made a visit, and we got cocoa, cookies, coffee, and meals during the ride. At one point the train went into a long tunnel through the mountains and everything went dark. As soon as we came out of the tunnel the world was a winter wonderland. Everyone on the train gasped and cheered. It was really fun!







IMG_6831When we got to Leavenworth it was snowing and super cold. They had little fires on the streets around town for people to gather around and warm up. The whole town was extremely crowded with tourists, but we still had a good time exploring.




As soon as it started getting dark everyone crowded into the town square for a lighting. They had an orchestra, we sang Christmas carols, stars carrying “the light of Christmas” made their way through the crowd, and then the crowd counted together “ten-nine-eight-seven-six-five-four-three-two-one MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and Christmas lights came on all over the town. Then we got shuttled back to the train and had a calm ride back to Seattle.

Ben and I both agreed this trip had about as much Christmas cheer as we could ever want. Here’s all the scoop on the snow train if you ever want to go.

The merriest and happiest of holidays to you all!


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