Vancouver (on a Budget)

Ben and I decided to drive to Vancouver, British Columbia on Friday, mostly because we still get excited about packing our passports and driving to another country for a quick getaway 🙂 The drive to Vancouver takes about thee hours from Seattle and can fluctuate based on traffic and border wait time.

Vancouver is an expensive city so a quick weekend there can put a dent in your checking account (or earn some skymiles on your credit card, as I like to look at it). To save money we booked an Airbnb in a suburb just outside the city but near good public transportation instead of a downtown hotel, and we did some research before we left and found a few fantastic cheap(ish) eats.

Japadog (530 Robson St)

We first discovered Japadog on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show, which we used to watch a lot when it was streaming on Netflix. This is our second visit for japanese-style hotdogs and fries, and it’s been fun and unique both times. On this visit I got the kurobuta terimayo and fries with shichimi and garlic. (Browse the menu online to get an idea of Japadog creations.)

Japadog is properly summed up in their words: “Making the world happy and alive through hotdogs.”

Buzz (901 Homer Street )

Buzz is a roomy coffee shop housed in an art gallery. It was the perfect place for us to grab warm caffeinated drinks and get a break from walking around in the cold. We found this spot on yelp.

Rangoli (1488 W 11 Ave)

We had a great time eating Indian cuisine for dinner at Vij’s Rangoli. It was packed when we arrived, so we opted to sit outside on a heated enclosed porch. Cozy blankets were provided and hot chai was flowing, and we decided eating dinner in our winter coats and hats made a more memorable experience. Rangoli is an affordable alternative to the high end Vij’s Restaurant.

Yaletown Gelato (1208 Homer St)

We may be a little crazy for getting gelato on a cold winter night, but it sure was delicious, plus we didn’t have to wait in line 🙂 

Medina (556 Beatty St)

Brunch at Medina hit the spot. We arrived at 9:30 on Saturday morning and had to wait 25 minutes or so to eat, but it was worth it. We both got cajun breakfast skillets and americano, and the waffles looked great too! 

Vancouver is such a great city. It makes me love Seattle even more to live close enough for a quick trip! 

One thought on “Vancouver (on a Budget)

  1. sarah says:

    spent time there right before the olympics 4 years ago. loved the city….we went to whistler too…and saw the down hill run with a couple of people practicing in their olympic gear. the go canada go sign reminded me of all the festivity when we were there. memories for sure.

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